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pardoguitarstraps.com hippie straps for guitar and bass, workplaceMiquel, from Pardo Guitar Straps

This is Miquel, from Pardo Guitar Straps.

I am going to use my blog for share some info about me, news about my straps, and everything that I consider that can be interesting for you.

Firstly, let me introduce myself:

I am from Rubí, Barcelona province, Here I have my life and my work.
I am playing the guitar since I was a child. I Like guitars, amps, and all the gear in relation with.

I started to make straps for me, then for my friends, who encourage me for make straps for sell.

I really like to make straps, I am using old machines and handtools, concerned to make artisan and fine straps.

So, I would like to share with you my passion for guitars.

All the inputs from your side are more than welcome.

So, from my blog I am going to share my news and thinkings with all the comunity.

Dont hesitate to contact with me If you need.

Best regards from Barcelona, Miquel.



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