Brief Explanation About the Available Backside Materials

Hi everyone, this is about the backside materials offered for customize your Strap.

There are three backside materials offered: Suede, Vinyl and Seatbelt.

- The Straps made with backside Suede are without any doubt the Premium straps offered by Pardo Guitar Straps.

Have an awesome looking, a very nice touch and feeling for your shoulder and back.

Some suede colors available, such as brown, orange, blue, green...

Pardo Guitar Straps made with backside suede, hippie straps for guitar and bass


- The Vinyl Backside Is a good Choice If you are Looking for Vibrant Colors. 

Don't hesitate to go for a vinyl backside hippie strap.

You will surely be pleasantly surprised with the strenght and quality of this hippie vinyl straps.

Some colors used in this vinyl backside collection, such as brown, red, green, blue, white...

Pardo Guitar straps made with backside vinyl, hippie straps for guitar and bass 

- These Pardo Guitar Straps bunch are made with Backside Seat Car Belt.

Very Sturdy, can resist a very rude use.

Also the backside is easy to clean, and very resistant against scratches.

Pardo guitar Straps made with backside seatbelt, hippie straps for guitar and bass


 Don't hesitate to contact If you have any question.

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