Pardo Guitar Straps Hippie Craftsman Straps Premium Quality

Pardo Vintage Guitar Straps Premium Quality & Cool Style Straps For Electric Guitar And Bass

Guitar straps handcrafted with high quality materials and inspired by the iconic 60s and 70s Guitar Strap Retro patterns.

Woven Jacquard Guitar Straps With Backing Suede Or Setbealt

We are focused in woven jacquard guitar straps with cool vintage stylish fabrics. For the backing part we make seatbelt guitar straps and also backing suede guitar straps. You can select the backing part at your choice.

Guitar Straps Made to Order

Our unique guitar straps are made to order, one by one, ensures long-term use and reliability. Our Handcrafted Guitar Straps are made for Last.

Customized Guitar Straps

Check our Custom Guitar Straps options offered. You can personalize your strap choosing the backing material and color, also the leather end parts, and hardware color.

Wide Selection Of Hippie Guitar Straps Styles

See our Hippie Guitar Strap models with boho style and iconic patterns, Also Our Collection of famous Artists guitar Strap models, Check too the colorful straps with floral designs, also straps with native and tribal drawings...

Retro Guitar Straps Handmade In Spain

Our Guitar Straps for electric guitar, Acoustic guitar and bass are made in Spain. Crafted with care for Guitarists and Musicians.

See All Our Vintage Guitar Straps

Hippie Guitar Straps Models Made With Care In Spain

  • Psychedelic Guitar Strap Hippie Vintage

    Colorful Guitar Straps

    Electric And Bass Guitar Strap Psychedelic And Trippy Patterns From The 60s And 70s

  • Famous Guitar Straps Artists Series

    Famous Guitar Straps

    Awesome Guitar Straps Used By Famous Guitarists and Musicians, Such As Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Jimmy Page...

  • 70 inch long guitar straps

    70 inch Long Guitar Straps

    Extra Long Guitar Straps For Tall Guitarists, 11 Inch Larger Than Our Standard Guitar Straps

  • Wide Guitar Straps 2'5 inch Hippie patterns

    Wide Hippie Guitar Straps

    Extra Wide Guitar Straps 2'5 Inches, Add More Comfort To Your Playing

  • Flowers Guitar Strap Floral

    Floral Guitar Straps

    Floral Guitar Straps With Hippy Patterns Flowers Guitar Straps And Leaves

  • Tweed guitar strap tartan

    Tweed Guitar Straps

    Classic Acoustic And Electric Guitar Straps Made With Tweed Fabrics, Plaid, Houndstooth, Tartan Patterns

  • Outlet Guitar Strap Bargain Low Price

    Outlet Guitar Straps

    Lower Prices But With The Same Top Quality As Our Customized Guitar Straps, These Are Bargain Straps For Electric, Acoustic Guitar And Bass

  • Banjo Hippie Straps

    Straps For Banjo made with hippie style fabrics inspired in Sixties and Seventies Guitar Straps

Check Here All Our Colorful Guitar Strap Models

Strum In Style With Our Wide Range Of Retro Guitar Straps

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  • customers review Pardo Strap model Lila Cosmic

    Rafael - 09.06.22

    Wonderful strap

    Great seller to deal with. The strap was made and sent within the promised timeframe; As stated, it came in a plastic free package. This strap looks great and has a soft feel. The top building quality is noteworthy, the colors are lively and the fabric is elegant and light. I'm so happy with the purchase. Thank you.

  • customer review flowers pink guitar strap

    Mike C - 06.20.22

    Super comfortable, high quality, and great looking

    This is the second strap I have purchased from Pardo. I love how it looks, but I also really like how it feels. The seatbelt backing is quite soft, making the strap super comfortable. Very high quality materials and craftsmanship.

  • customers review Model Octopus

    Gary - 06.08.22

    More beautiful in person!

    The construction of this strap is superior to any strap I've ever owned. The pattern is so beautiful in person, what looks like white stitching in the pictures is actually shiny silver stitching. This strap is a head turner!

  • Review Customer Brown Pheasant model

    Kyle Lysobey - 02.17.23

    Awesome product

    Awesome strap very comfortable and well made. The leather is great quality too.

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Trust And Support Pardo Guitar Straps

As a small and artisan guitar strap provider, we prioritize quality and craftsmanship above all else. We take pride in being separate from the big companies and also industrial process. Our hippie guitar straps stands apart from large corporations with our unique craftsman process, ensuring top quality and distinction in the same time.

Explore Our Vintage Guitar Straps

Vintage style guitar straps provide a timeless aesthetic for any guitarist and musician, incorporating intricate woven and embroidered fabric designs, with atemporal elegance and individuality.

We take pride in offer you retro aesthetic, nostalgic elements, vibrant colors and patterns, classic 60s vibes, bohemain inspired Hippie guitar strap designs.

Straps Designed With Your Comfort In Mind

Our Fancy Guitar Straps for acoustic, electric, and bass guitar provides maximum comfort and functionality. We use strong materials for durability and soft backing parts for a better and comfortable feeling. Also the adjustable metal buckle is the easier and faster way for hang your instrument to your desired length.

Enhance Your Playing Experience With Our Customized Guitar Straps

You can personalize your Pardo Guitar Strap with ease. Choose from a variety of backing materials and colors. You can go for Our Seatbelt Guitar Straps, or maybe you prefer our Premium Suede Guitar straps. Also Vinyl material available for the Backing Part. You have the oportunity to choose your desired backing part material. Besides You can select the leather end parts and hardware colors. Make your guitar strap truly one and achieve a good match with your electric guitar, acoustic, or bass guitar.

Check Too Our Extra Long and Extra Wide Guitar Straps

We like to adapt our artisan guitar straps to all our customers and guitarists requests. This is why we offer also the possibility to order your guitar strap with extra length and also extra wide. So, feel free to check our 70 inch guitar straps collection and our Extra Wide Guitar Straps collection.

Close And Easy Responsiveness To Your Requests

Feel free to contact us. We are proud to offer an easy and close relation with all our customers.

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