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See Here all our Vintage Style Guitar Straps models.

Expertly crafted, each strap is meticulously handmade to order, ensuring utmost attention and top-notch quality. Experience the precision and care of our skilled boutique guitar straps.

Note that you can customize your Pardo Strap, you can personalize choosing:

  • The backing part material and color
  • The leather end Parts color
  • And also the hardware color

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boutique guitar straps with vintage style - Pardo Straps

Handmade Guitar Straps Made To Order

You can see here All Our Pardo Guitar Strap Patterns. Handcrafted with care in Spain, one by one, made to order. Psychedelic Guitar Straps models With woven jacquard fabrics, and customizable backing material parts, with real leather end parts and thick metal hardware.

Straps Designed With Cool Designs And Quality Materials

Our Boutique Guitar Straps are handcrafted with care, we like to offer to our customers straps with a nice design and also with good quality materials. We are also musicians and our concern Is offer you trusted straps for your daily playing.

Enhance Your Experience With Our Personalized Guitar Straps

You can customize your Pardo Guitar Strap with ease. All our Pardo Straps models offer some options for make the strap truly yours. Once you like one Strap Design, you can add the backing material and color, and also leather parts color and hardware, At your convenience. So, please, check the listings, you can see there all the available variations.

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