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How Can I Customize My Pardo Guitar Strap ??

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Hi everyone.

I want to share with you information about how you can customize your strap.
There are Four basic things that you can do.

Let's start with the first one.

*1) Please, choose the backing material.
There are three diferent materials that we are working with.
Suede, Vinyl and Seatbelt

Please, choose one option, If still no applied the option for choose the backside material, please contact before for apply.

Pardo Guitar Straps backside material and colors offered, hippie straps for guitar and bass

More info about the Backside Materials.Please Click

Go with the Second variation:

*2) Choose the end leather shape.
Two options available: Vintage shape and Round shape.

Note that the round shape is all sewed around and have too two rivets.
The Vintage shape is going without sewing around. Have two rivets.

Both options are strong enough for It's purpose, as the rivets provide the needed strenght I suggest you to choose the option that you just like the best.

You can choose the end leather shape when you are going to order your strap.

Anyway, please contact before If you need.

Please choose the end leather shape. Two options available: vintage and round shape

 - Go with the Third thing that you can do.

*3) Choose the End Leather Parts Color of your Strap. 

You can see Bellow all the colors available.

You can choose too the leather color that you prefer when you are going to order your strap.

End leather parts available, please, choose one color: clear brown, orange-brown, dark brown, red, grey, dark green, dark blue, black

 - Go with the fourth thing.

*4) You can choose the Hardware Color Of your Strap.

Four options available about the colors. All of them made with thick metal.

You can choose too the hardware color that you prefer when you are going to order your strap.

Take a look bellow.

Hardware options available, please choose one of them: Chrome, Gold, antique Gold, Black

 If you have a special request about the backside color for your Strap, we just suggest you to contact us for apply. You can do messaging at:

 Just keep in mind too that the only thing that affect the price of the strap is the backside material choosed.

- The Black Seatbelt  is the economic option. Then the seatbelt with colors are a little bit overpriced than the black one. (colors such as blue, red, pink...) 

- Vinyl backside straps are in the middle of the prices.

- Backside suede straps are the top notch. There are overpriced than the other     backside options, but If you want to give you a good gift, I recommend go for It    ,you will not be dissapointed...

 ** All the custom options, such as the end leather shape, the end leather parts color, and hardware color, don't affect the price.

Hope all this info can help you for understand a little bit better how It works our available variations.

Another important point to keep in mind is that all the straps are made to order.

 - We need two working days for make your strap and ship It. 

Just remember you once again that you can message us whenever you need for clarify any point of your interest, email to:

Finally Hope that you trust and support our Straps, hope too that you enjoy your Pardo Guitar Strap for so many years.

Best regards, Miquel.

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Hi Tim, so glad to know from you.

Refer your last email, this PRS is really impressive, the colors are so nice.

Yes, I think that try to match the stap with the backside and neck colors of the guitar would be a good strategy. but, i would like to try to find too similar colors in strap and guitar.

I would put clear brown end leather parts for math the backside and neck colors, Besides would be a good choice the strap with backside clear brown suede. Doing that you match the backside and neck colors of your guitar.

The models that I would like more for your guitar are these:

Just remark again that I woudl choose the end leather color clear brown and backsise clear brown suede.

This is just my opinion…

What do you think¿¿????


Hi Tim, many thanks for your comments. Yes, I remember you bought me two straps, so glad to know from you!!!
Yes, you are right, I have the same thinking. If anyone have a good guitar, deserves a good strap.

Yes, please, send me your photos via email and I will put in the blog. I am editing all the photos at 300×300 pixels sizes , then I will put in the blog.

My best wishes for Texas.



Hola Miquel,
I am very happy with both straps I received from you over time, thank you!

A guitar one uses to express its personality deserves a unique strap as well, right? I never understood why people would put a $10 logo advertising strap on a $ 1,500 guitar. And if you need to read your strap in order to know you play a Fender, Gibson,
PRS, etc. – you’re a lost case anyway. 🤣

I would like to post an image of my straps here on the blog, please advise.

Muchas gracias and greetings to Barcelona from South Texas.



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