Collection: Outlet Guitar Straps

Outlet Guitar Straps, with lower prices than our standard straps. These straps have no options for personalize.

You can also choose our Psychedelic Guitar Straps with custom options. The Outlet Straps listed here, with lower prices can not be personalized. What you see, is what you buy.

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Outlet Guitar straps, models with lower prices - Pardo Guitar Straps

Outlet Guitar Straps

You can see here some Hippie Guitar Straps Just note that these straps have the same materials and quality construction as our Standard Pardo Straps. The Different thing is that here there are no options for Customize the strap. Then, just please check the photos. What you see, is what you buy.

Awesome Guitar Straps With Lower Prices

All these straps also are made with Jacquard fabrics for the frontside part and you can see some straps with backing seatbelt, suede, vinyl...

Also handmade guitar straps made with care and made for last. Just without options for personalize.

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