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Famous guitar straps: Just think in artists guitar strap models used by guitarists and musicians, these are iconic guitar strap models with cool hippie patterns.
Our famous collection straps are crafted with the finest materials and inspired by the glamorous world of music and art.
These are the artists guitar strap models that we are speaking about.

Here you can see a selection of hippie guitar straps used by John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan...

Discover the Legendary guitar straps used by Famous guitarists and musicians

Expertly crafted to provide exceptional support and style during performances.
Let your playing reflect a bohemian spirit with vibrant colors and psychedelic patterns, adding a native flair to your performance. Unleash your inner hippie with these exclusive and captivating Famous guitar straps.

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Famous Guitar Straps iconic Artists models - Pardo Guitar Straps

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Check Our Famous Guitar Straps models

Here you can see a collection of iconic guitar strap models inspired in famous guitar straps used by Legendary guitarists and musicians. All these cool artists guitar strap models for electric, acoustic guitar, and bass, are made also with expert craftmanship and artisan process. All our Pardo Straps are made one by one to order, we priorize quality above all else.

Legendary Guitarists With It's Legendary Strap models

See Our Cool and best guitar straps, inspired in Rock, Pop And Blues Stars.

Famous straps used by musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, with the cool Woodstock strap. Also Led Zeppelin guitarist, Jimmy Page, with it's iconic Hootennany guitar strap. The Beatles, John Lennon and George Harrison, with the floral Rooftop Strap and the Diamonds Strap model. Let me mention too Eric Clapton, worning a nice floral strap and the popular brown guitar strap with a native style pattern. So, check our photos. One image is very often better than thousand words.

Personalize And Worn Your Own Iconic 60s Style Famous Artists Guitar Strap

You can dress your strap and make yours. Choose from a variety of backside materials and colors, also go with your desired hardware and leather end parts color. Hope you can match your strap with your guitar.

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Contact us with ease, we will try to solve any doubt. We can also make customizations that you request. We are making your strap to order, so very easy to apply some changes in your artists strap. Maybe you need the strap longer, or shorter. Maybe You need the strap button holes smaller, or bigger...We can do. Just contact us.

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