Collection: Floral Guitar Strap Models

Pardo Floral guitar straps Collection, straps with  flowers and leaves. Handmade in Spain, with high quality materials, featuring natural designs and vibrant colors.
Embrace the Flower Power Energy with our 60s guitar straps.

We are so glad to offer you our selection of handmade floral strap models

Experience premium quality and elegant design with our artisan-made guitar straps. As fellow musicians, we take pride in crafting products that allow you to comfortably and stylishly play your guitar.

Check our Custom options and personalize your Guitar Strap

Elevate your style with our customizable straps! Personalize your look:

  • Selecting the backing material and also the color
  • Five leather end parts colors available
  • Metal Hardware color at your choice: chrome, gold, or antique gold

Express your unique fashion sense and make a statement with our versatile Pardo Straps

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Floral guitar strap collection with flowers and leaves

Check Our Floral Guitar Strap Collection

We are going to Introduce our Selection of floral guitar strap models for electric, acoustic and bass guitars. These are straps made with woven or embroidered Jacquard fabrics. All of them with flowers and leaves. These are Guitar Strap Patterns inspired in Nature.

Floral Strap Models With Premium Quality

We are a small Guitar Straps manufacturer. Our goal is make high quality guitar straps for musicians and guitarists. We like to be far to the big industrial process and large production. So, we are proud to offer to all our customers our selection of Flowers Guitar Straps. Made in style, for last so many years.

Take Advance, Make Your Custom Guitar Strap

Check our options for personalize your floral guitar strap. Choose the backing material and color. Also choose from five different leather end parts colors and also three hardware colors.

We Offer You An Easy And Fast Communication

Contact us with ease. Just keep in mind that as a Small Guitar Strap producer, our strength is the close contact with our customers. Our straps are custom made, one by one to order. If you want a not listed option, just contact us. If we can, we will do. Maybe you want big holes for the strap locks, want It without slice, maybe you prefer plastic hardware instead of metal...Then, please contact, probably we can do.

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