Holes in Guitar Strap for the Strap Locks

Guitar Straps Hole Sizes

This is about the Hole Sizes in End leather parts of Guitar Straps.

Hole sizes in end leather parts for Guitar straps

Just comment that the Straps, normally, need a 8 mm. hole. 5/16 inches.

This is the most common size, and also the Size that we use in Pardo Guitar Straps as our Standard.

But this 8 mm. hole is not the unique hole size that maybe you need for your Guitar. Finally It depends of the strap locks that are going with your Guitar.

Maybe the hole, is smaller, such as 6 mm. Maybe you use strap locks like Schaller, or similar, that ussually need a 10 mm. holes, even some strap locks need a 12 mm. hole.

For check the diameter of your Strap lock, the better way to know is use a caliper.

Caliper for check the hole size that you need in your guitar strap

Besides, you maybe need the End leather to be sliced, or not...

As a Standard, the end leather parts are sliced. Then, It is easier to fix and unfix the guitar strap.

But, If you use a strap lock button, such a Schaller, no need to be sliced.

So, from Pardo Guitar Straps we can make the hole size as per your needs. Besides Sliced, no Sliced...

We make the straps to order. No problem at all to make these small custom requests for you. Of course, we make It without extra charge...If you need, just ask for It. We are so glad to make the hole as per your requeriments.

*Just for remark again: We make the Standard hole size at 8 mm. 5/16 inches.

For other hole sizes, please, just contact: 



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