Collection: Extra Long Guitar Straps

Extra Long Guitar Straps 40 to 70 Inches With Backing Seatbelt

Extra Long Guitar Strap collection from Pardo Guitar Straps.
15 Inches Larger than Our Standard Straps.
These Straps are Specially for Tall Guitarrists that sometimes have problems with the Standard strap length.
Or even for some guitarristst and Bassists that prefer larger Straps...

You will find inside this Long Strap Collection Exactly the same Guitar Strap models

All of them handmade straps with Hippie style.
Besides with Retro, Floral, Psychedelic patterns.
The only Big diferent thing is About the larger strap Length.
Also Note that we only can offer you these larger Straps with Backing Seatbelt.
Would be Polipropilene Ribbon, 2'5 inches, for the Extra Wide Strap Collection.

***Do you like any other Guitar Strap model from our Catalogue and you want It But Longer??
Then Contact us.
We can make your Guitar Strap up to 70, or 72 inches, or any other length as per your request.
Feel Free to Contact for apply.***

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