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70 Inch Guitar Strap Flowers

70 Inch Guitar Strap Flowers

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70 Inch Long  Guitar Straps Models with Flowers

70 Inch Long Guitar Straps with Flowers and Leaves.
Extra Long Straps 15 inches larger than our standard Straps.
Hippie Straps Patterns inspired in Nature, with vibrant colors.

Check bellow the options for customize your strap

  • The Backing Part is made with thick Seatbelt, please, choose one color.
  • Leather End Parts, please, choose one color.
  • Note that All these Long Guitar Straps are coming with Chrome hardware.

Please, Select one Guitar Strap model, See Bellow all the models available and make your choices.

Guitar Strap Model
Backing Seatbelt Color
Leather End Colors