Suede Handmade Guitar Strap Zeleste

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Suede Handmade Guitar Strap

  • Suede Hippie Guitar Strap is made using a high quality Woven fabric. With Zeleste-Grey Colors. Also with a Tribal pattern.
  • Backside Suede.
  • Real End Leather parts.
  • Also with Metal Chrome Hardware.
  • Fully adjustable Strap length. 33 to 55 inches. You can set it at the perfect comfortable playing height for you.
  • 2 1/2 Inches Wide. Attention this Hippie Guitar model Is Wider than others. We suggest this Suede Handmade model Specially for bassists. Also for heavy weigth owners. Such a Gibson Les Paul. Or any other heavy weigth guitar. 

On the other hand, you can customize Some parts of your Hippie Guitar Strap.

  • Firstly, Choose the Suede Backside Color for Handmade Guitar Strap.
  • Then, the end leather color.

Just select the options that you like the best once you order your Hippie Guitar Strap.

So, Please, check the photos. You can see there all the options available.

This Suede Handmade Guitar Strap is Also ideal for Acoustic, Electric Bass Guitar, ukelele, mandolin, banjo...

Be confident to support our Handcrafted guitar straps.

We are musicians and artisans concerned to offer you a high quality Handmade Strap. Also with a nice and classic Retro design.

Hippie Straps made in Spain. In our hometown, in Rubi. Barcelona province.

Besides we are concerned with the environment. This is why we send the Straps with a packing free of Plastic.

Hope you enjoy your Suede Handmade Guitar Strap for a long time.

Thanks for watching and support our work.

Pardo Guitar Straps Team.

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