Guitar strap length, Standard 33 to 55 inches, and long straps up to 70 inch and 72 inches

Guitar Strap Length

See all Pardo Long Guitar Straps Models

This is about the Guitar Straps Length, All Pardo Guitar Straps are Adjustable in it's length. The most ussual length is about 33 to 55 Inches. 84 to 140 cm. There are also bass players and tall guitarists that still need longer straps,  whom prefer enlarge the strap until 72 inches...

Then, our Standard Adjustable Straps are made with 33 to 55 Inches long. You can see them Here:

Pardo Hippie Guitar Straps


We also are offering Extra Long Guitar Straps up to 70 Inches, 178 cm.
These Extra Long Guitar Straps are specially made for bass players, tall guitarists and All guitar players that like longer straps

See Our 70 Inch Extra Long Guitar Strap Models

Also, please note that from Pardo Straps we are artisans, we make the Straps to order.
Then, We very often make guitar straps up to 72 inch long or any other length upon request.

Please, feel free to contact us and let us know your requeriments:

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