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Seatbelt Guitar Strap vs Backing Suede Guitar Strap


Let's Start Speaking About Seatbelt And Backing Suede Guitar Straps

Just start to say that seatbelt guitar straps are widely used nowadays. This is a strong material that allow a rude use. If you go for a good quality seatbelt guitar strap, you can keep and use It for a long Time.

Very often the Hippie Guitar Straps Style with backing seatbelt, have a jacquard fabric for the frontside part. So, then you have a nice design, with the frontside part, and the seatbelt for the backing part. So, all in one, will be a good strap for a long term use.

Old School  Backing Material  For Woven Guitar Straps

The old straps from the 60s, the original Ace Straps, had the same style woven jacquard fabrics for the frontside part, but the backing part was made with vinyl (false leather) Besides, just my opinion, It was a thin vinyl, not so strong...Despite of this, Ace straps still remain for a long use during the years. But my thinking is that a good seatbelt guitar strap will last even more.

Backing Suede Guitar Straps Are Another Option

From Pardo Guitar Straps we are doing straps with backing suede. Same philosophy than the Ace Guitar Straps and Seatbelt Guitar Straps, but with backing suede.

The suede is a type of leather with a napped finish, commonly used for make garment products, such jackets, shoes, and more.

This is also a strong material, more flexible than the leather. so, very convenient for use in the clothing industry.

Thoughts About Seatbelt And Suede Backing Straps 

Just let me comment about the difference between a strap with backing seatbelt and the suede counterpart:

  • Both are really strong. Really the seatbelt strap is stronger, but for hang a guitar or a bass, this point really is not important. The backing suede guitar strap can make exactly the same as the seatbelt strap. I never have seen a LP with more than 6 Kg. So, This is nothing for the straps, but for your back is another thing...
  • The seatbelt guitar strap allow a more rude use. Even is easy for clean.
  • The Suede strap  is more delicate about this. We strongly recommend avoid the direct contact with the skin. Always better hang your guitar wearing a T-shirt in summer...So, Avoid always the direct contact with the skin. Doing this, the suede strap will be clean and healthy for so long time.

Wich One Is My Favorite

If Anyone ask me which one I prefer...Well, this is not an easy question.

Really, I like both. For, me, the seatbelt guitar strap is something similar to put on jeans. It is really a comfortable thing. Very convenient for a daily use. It is something to do every day, without any other purpose. Just hang the strap and It will do it's thing.

With Suede backing guitar straps the feeling seem different. Just remark again. I am speaking about my feeling , other person probably have another opinion. So, for me, the backing suede guitar straps is something similar as dress on Sunday.

Man, here the things are different. Better garment, more luxury...

If you have both straps in your hand, you can note the difference. Both are nice and make their work in the same way. But there are differences.

The seatbelt strap is a working horse, the backing suede strap is a racehorse.

So, probably the best thing is have some straps. Living only once doesn't mean having only one strap, or just one guitar.

Personal Conclusion About Wich One I Prefer

So, My advise is that don't go wrong with any option. Just are different things. Personally I prefer Backing Suede Straps.

An important thing That I have not mentioned is that the Suede straps are non slip straps. If you own a SG, probably is a good idea to go for It.

But, except this point, I don't find more differences to comment about. I prefer the feeling and touch of backing suede guitar straps. These are more Luxury straps. More work to do, more expensive material, but my thinking is that Worth the extra price.

But again, all depends from every one and personal preferences.

So, Keep Healthy and Rockin'

All the Best for you all, Miquel.

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