Wide Guitar Straps with Hippie Patterns

Wide Guitar Straps with Hippie Patterns

The Commom Wide For Woven Hippie Straps Is 2 Inches

Hi Everyone, we are going to speak a little bit about wide hippie guitar straps.

First of all, the standard wide for the classic hippie guitar straps, made with woven jacquard fabrics,  is 2 inches ( 5 cm.)
So, almost all the guitar strap companies from the past and nowadays are using the 2 inches wide as the standard.

Why Not Make A Bit Wider ??

Pardo Straps are making also wide hippie guitar straps, with woven jacquard fabrics, but 2'5 wide.
This is only half inch wider, but trust me,  your shoulder and back will noticed.
Specially when you must to hang your guitar for a long time.

These Straps are coming with black polipropilene ribbon , or suede, for the backing part.

Hope You Like It.

All the best, Miquel. 

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