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Hendrix Guitar Strap Woodstock

Hendrix Guitar Strap Woodstock

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Jimi Hendrix guitar strap Woodstock, famous vintage strap pattern Used by Hendrix, In 1969, in Woodstock Festival. Legend guitar strap pattern inspired in the 60s.
Jimi Hendrix with his White Fender Stratocaster, altogether with this iconic strap became a Classic and unique symbol from the 1969 Summer of Love.

This Strap design was also used by Other guitarists and musicians, such as John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and many other famous musicians.

The Woodstock Hendrix Strap is Inspired by the culture of the sixties, with ethnic and tribal designs, geometric patterns and vibrant colors. We offer you too custom options for a personalized touch.

Check our options for personalize your strap

  • Firstly, please Choose the Backing Material and color
  • The second, Choose one Leather End Parts color
  • Finally, please Select also a Hardware color

So, Our Goal Is that you can Customize your strap in order to match It with your Guitar.
Feel Free to check all the photos and see bellow all the available options.

Backing Material
Leather End Color
Hardware Color
  • Backing Part Suede, or Seatbelt
  • Leather End Parts
  • Metal Hardware
  • Wide 2 inches, 5 cm.
  • Adjustable Length 35 to 59 inches
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • Guitar Straps Handcrafted In Spain
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